Tissue Paper
A range of speciality tissue paper are also manufactured in our factory to be used in the packing industry. These are used for wrapping/packing various items, cushioning fragile items, stuffing in shoes/bags etc. to keep shape intact or, for inserting in garments etc. while packing/folding to keep them wrinkle free and safe. It is generally used printed with the manufacturers brand name or, logo to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of the product. It is a type of thin, translucent paper generally in the range of grammages between 17 and 40 GSM, that can be rough or, shining, hard or soft, depending upon the nature of use.

Ribbons are manufacturing in our factory and made of natural materials such as silk, velvet, cotton and synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. It commonly used to tie or wrap a gift or paper bag. We are doing a customized ribbon of our client with their brands name in printing or foiling.

There are many kinds of wrapping papers manufactured in our factory specifically for the types of products they are intended to wrap and the designed that company requires. Some of the finishing is with UV logo, in matt or glossy and etc. Mostly we manufactured a customized giftwrap in roll or sheet, and different sizes, grammages.